Zachary Stacy is a book dealer in Fort Worth, TX. He grew up in rural, north-central Texas (an Eighter from Decatur) before attending The University of Texas at Austin, where he eventually graduated with a degree in Government. He started selling on his own in 2019, after gaining more than five years' experience at a leading international auction house. He spent more than three years managing the department, overseeing seven major auctions. In 2013, he attended the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) on a scholarship from the Antiquarian Bookseller's Association of America (ABAA). His personal interests include the narrative avant garde, literary modernism, Hollywood westerns, early book illustrations, books into film, long-sleeve t-shirts, 35mm repertory film screenings (RIP), prog-punk, commuting by bicycle, Dallas Stars hockey, silent film, Black Mask authors and 1920s dust jackets. 

Erin Hahn started E. Hahn Rare Books in Autumn 2013, after attending the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar. Today, she focuses most of her time selling veggie burgers at Zonk Burger and has consigned her remaining stock to ZSB(S). She still remains somewhat active in the trade, mostly as a buyer and scout, in addition to helping with book fairs. She is from the Texas hill country (Tivy Fight Never Dies) and graduated with dual degrees in English and History from The University of Texas. She likes Memphis design, radical personal filmmaking, soixante-huitard sloganeering, vegan baking, Beach Boys deep cuts, Semiotext(e), vulgar realism and sporadic nature walks.

Emma B. sometimes helps with typing and sometimes helps with packing and shipping. She is likely responsible for any stray hairs that accidentally accompany your shipment, and she isn’t sorry about it (but the rest of us are).